IndExSe is part of a successful partnership with NPT and RCG, to provide consulting and engineering services by joining their competences for an undisclosed Asian Client, leader in the steel production.

In the picture, from left to right:

Boris Kryukov, Senior Consultant RCG AG |
Thomas Narholz, Founding Partner NPT AG |
Flavio Beretta, President INDEXSE

“When union is strength” is a well-known way of saying, and our recent experience explains it perfectly.

The winning partnership between IndExSe, NPT and RCG has in fact led them to secure a major consulting and engineering contract with a company leader in the Asian steel production.
The contract objectives are many and include:
  • improvement and restructuring of the company organizational set-up and management responsibilities
  • optimization of maintenance processes and spare part inventory by detailed review of the status and implementation of modern software tools
  • health & safety tools
  • support on steel production processes for high quality SBQ grades
  • improvement on equipment, productivity, and reliability
"Another successful adventure for INDEXSE, another way to show the world that we offer industrial excellent services"​
Flavio Beretta
Discover more about the partnership:

INDEXSE (https://indexse.com/) is company leader about maintenance and spare parts management projects and is able to professionally cover all topics relating to an optimization of the maintenance organization and spare parts program, safety and maintenance planning and not only advise customers in this relationship but also accompany them in the long term.


NPT AG (www.npt-swiss.com) is built to face the new steel market challenges and to create sustainable solutions for the steel industry in production, consultancy, and engineering as well as to follow up project in various industries with solid project management capabilities.


RCG (https://rcg-ag.com/) is a consulting company specialized to encompasses the areas of strategy development (including market view), organizational restructuring. RCG‘s strategy practice encompasses the areas of strategy development, organizational restructuring, and transformation journey planning and support. While working in these areas individually, it is obvious they are highly interdependent and are best approached holistically – especially in developing responses to severe industry disruption.

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