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Thanks to digital tools, we support the complete life cycle of production assets and help companies manage their plants as efficiently as possible, aiming to do maintenance only when it is really useful.

shell - INDEXSE

Complete HSEQ Management in accordance with ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards


Smart dashboard for performance monitoring


Management of Enterprise Asset Management processes


«Mobile» management of Enterprise Asset Management processes


Automatic tracking of operating and management processes

Smart solutions for HSEQ processes management, in accordance with ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards

at4 shell - hseq

Main modules

Safety events

Complete management of events for 7 different categories (unsafe condition, near-miss, accident etc.) and statuses of the event itself. Classification of areas and departments, management of witnesses and injured persons

Employees and work permits 

Role Management with structure based on class, role and department.

Completed role description with Personal Protective Equipment recommended

Personal Protection Equipment

Complete management of Personal Protective Equipment, Preliminary and Periodic Checks, management of deadlines and PPE assignment register to the employee

Documents and suppliers 

Complete document management: Classification of documents, metadata, data request forms, approval groups and management roles, single read and write permissions on folders, external and internal links

Safety tours/inspections

Safety Inspection Tours (Safety Tour) management: customizable questionnaires with multiple weighted answers and their execution scheduling to assignees

Law driven maintenance plans 

Asset management subject to legal obligations: asset data sheet, machinery classification, hierarchical structure, maintenance activities plan, inspection plan with cyclical/ events schedules

Fully integrated modules

What are the benefits?

  • Improved employees’ Health, Safety and Wellness
  • Risk prevention under control
  • Fewer expenses and increased productivity
  • Sustainable HSEQ management
Smart dashboard for the management and monitoring of performance indicators

at4 driver

AT4 DRIVER is the heart and intelligence of the platform.

It is an intelligent dashboard that allows you to monitor each individual asset, technical family, functional hierarchy or cost center in real time:

  • of general costs divided by type of activity and cost item (labor, materials and services)
  • the value of the warehouses and the classes of materials
  • of the reliability indices relating to the assets / production lines
  • of work orders and their backlog
  • productivity data
  • security data
  • of efficiency results

comparing production sites, states and regions through graphs, indicators and KPIs.

It is completely integrated and interconnected with all EAM-ERP-MES systems and to the industrial processes platforms.

What are the benefits?

  • Integration of different data sources and non-dispersion of information

  • Quick online overview of maintenance and production process data, customized for each user group

  • Total efficiency increase of the plant through organizational improvements

  • Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculated on specific assets or structured by hierarchy (parent-child), with automatic cost and technique roll-ups

Enterprise Asset Management


HxGN EAM is the top of the Enterprise Asset Management software solutions for the management of corporate resources with integrated functionality and flexibility.

Integrated with the solutions of the AT4S2 platform, the various ERP systems and technological automation systems, HxGN EAM is the basis for the implementation of continuous improvement processes and the implementation of a world-class Maintenance process.

HxGN EAM manages the entire process of organizing resources from project management to work orders, from purchase requests to purchase orders and performance reporting and recording, from spare parts inventory to safety stock management, from the skills of the technicians to the skills of the suppliers.

What are the benefits?

  • Integration of different data sources and non-dispersion of information

  • Quick online overview of maintenance and production process data, customized for each user group

  • Total efficiency increase of the plant through organizational improvements

efficient mobile management integrated with Enterprise Asset Management systems


AT4 MAINTENANCE is the web app developed ad-hoc by AT4S2 for the complete “mobile” management of Enteprise Asset Management software processes.

The flexibility of use with any mobile device or web browser and the free customization in the use of the customer’s custom fields make AT4 MAINTENANCE an indispensable tool to support the daily activities carried out directly in the field.

The main features are:

  • Work Order Management
    • job assignment
    • change state
    • asset and resource management
    • manpower planning and accounting
    • comments, photographs and documents
    • final balance of materials and services
    • technical justifications
  • Checklist management
  • Materials management


Tracker is a suite of modules completely integrated with each other, dedicated to the traceability of unique objects or types of objects and based on the use of different technologies, chosen from time to time according to the needs of the specific case.

The suite is natively supported by automatic data collection (ADC) technologies like Barcode/QRCode, RFID, NFC, BLE.

It works with handheld and fixed identification devices.

Each module is operational in stand alone mode.

What are the benefits?

  • Data mining and classifications get faster, easier and more accurate

  • Track and trace in real-time the main physical events relevant to each item

  • Immediately discover and fix critical situation, avoiding losses of items and increasing the process efficiency

operating module for complete safety management

AT4 safety

SAFETY is a module included in the AT4 SHELL application designed and developed for the complete management of workers’ health and safety and environmental protection in accordance with ISO 45001 and 14001 standards.

It allows the recording, classification and monitoring of the trend of the main events: Unsafe Condition, Unsafe Act, Near Miss, Accident, Training and Environmental Event (Environmental); their analysis, approval, definition of corrective actions and their follow-up.

It allows the total management of the preventive inspection rounds through check-lists, RCA analysis, their approval and the follow-up of corrective actions.

It is possible to set activity schedules and manage the distribution of PPE to individual workers.

All documentation is linked and managed in the LIBRARY module.

The segregation of information is carried out per person by area/ site.

qualification, evaluation and management of suppliers

at4 suppliers

SUPPLIERS is a module included in the AT4 SHELL application designed and developed for the complete management of Suppliers, qualification documents and operational management of construction sites.

SUPPLIERS allows the total management of the qualification and evaluation process of suppliers, their classification and the management of the documents necessary to perform the various types of services provided.

The management of deadlines is completely automated, and the profiling of users and approvals allows a flexible sharing/ distribution of all activities.

A portal dedicated to the “reception” allows you to efficiently manage the entry of external staff by checking the adequacy and approval of the required documentation.

document management system

AT4 library

LIBRARY is a module included in the AT4 SHELL application designed and developed for complete document management.

System features:

  • Creating folders, uploading documents with attributes,
  • Creation and management of data collection forms with fields, and context menus, internal / external hyperlinks.
  • Complete management of permissions for single user / group, management of document “versioning” and definition of approval flows.
  • Alarm management on the expiry date of the document or data forms
  • Customizable work-flow of the approval process for each document/ folder
complete service level agreement management

at4 ticketing

TICKETING is a module that allows the customer a single point of contact (SPOC) for any type of request or communication.

By registering the “Ticket”, AT4 Smart Services undertakes to provide customer support and / or to contact the customer directly for further clarifications.

Each ticket entered is taken over by an operator, who activates the specialists for the resolution of the problem highlighted. These activities guide the customer in managing the problem, diagnose and reproduce the problem and, if necessary, activate specialist external services and manage the escalation of the problem itself.


Specific indicators of the service level (SLA) determine in real time the respect of the contract times for the various criticalities, the availability of the applications and the status of the hours dedicated to the contractually foreseen improvements (evolutionary maintenance).

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main benefits for our clients

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  • Better budget’s management
  • Better expenses’ management
  • Optimization of productivity
  • Optimization of ‘make or buy’ decision processs
  • Reduction of energy consumptions
  • Lost time reduction
  • Lead time reduction



  • Online global safety results: global index, incident and safety preventive actions
  • Quality and legal traceability: legal requirements, product requirements, on time delivery
  • Reduction of safety risk and incidents



  • Online inventory value
  • Online inventory rotation index (for total warehouse and single spares)
  • Stock-out management
  • Multi warehouse management
  • Critical spare management



  • Failures reduction, growth of productivity
  • Optimization of maintenance policies/strategy
  • Continuous cost reduction due to lack of quality (zero-defects strategy)
  • Continuous cost reduction due to non compliance
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